7 Things to Do When Stressed to Help You Unwind

The car didn't start this morning. Your child is homesick. The deadline you thought was tomorrow was yesterday. You just got into a fight with your significant other.
7 Things to Do When Stressed to Help You Unwind - Oleia Oil

All-day long, we're confronted with different kinds of stress.

Generally, we can take it.

From the time we're kids, we learn how to roll with the punches and even take pride in our ability to get up and keep trying.

But what happens when you’ve had a day filled with stress? When it wasn’t just a matter of one thing going wrong, but several things, all at once?

When stress feels overwhelming, recovering takes a little extra work. Thankfully, you can do some very specific things when stressed to help you unwind.


Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the first thing most people think of when unwinding. Why? Because it works. There's no wrong way to do this.

Just take several deep breaths until you feel some of the tension ease in your body.


Send Yourself Somewhere Else

Sometimes all you need to do to unwind is take a minute to block out the world. Try closing your eyes for at least thirty seconds.

Picture someplace which gives you peace. Layer in as many details as possible until you feel like you’re there.


Give Yourself a Massage

A hand massage with some lotion will take the tension right out of your hands.

Rolling the bottom of your foot over a tennis ball or a golf ball will give you a nice little foot massage.

Sure, it's not quite the same thing as a spa day, but it works to perk you up again and is a whole lot more affordable.



Did you know just being in a messy room can cause you to stress?

To unwind from a stressful day, the act of cleaning can be quite effective at helping you unwind.

The best part? You get a clean room out of the deal, which means less to stress about later!

Drink Something Hot

Green tea is good at releasing anger. Hot chocolate can reduce stress.

Even coffee is known to lower blood pressure.

Having something warm means you need to take time to drink your beverage of choice slowly, meaning you have some time to decompress while you’re enjoying your treat.

So many good ways to unwind!


Get it On

Sex with someone you love is good for you on so many levels. When it comes to unwinding, there's no better way to erase stress from your day. 


Take a Nap

Finally, sometimes the best way to deal with stress is to give your body a natural way to unwind through sleep.

Everything relaxes when you're slumbering, so even a short nap can do you a world of good.


Get ready to Unwind!

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