Lavender vs Peppermint

Lavender vs Peppermint - Oleia Oil

It’s Tuesday morning again!!!

I used to have this as my favorite day when I was still working as a company nurse in a golf and country club several years ago.


It used to be my day off. Haha.

How ironic it is that people want to have jobs but tend to love their days off more than their days at work.


I’ve been working as a freelancer for 2 years now but I still have a schedule same with the usual working hours and days of those who are in the corporate world.

This is for me not to be so complacent and to still manage my time accordingly.


And yes!

Tuesday is a busy day for me. 😁

self-imposed deadlines…

regular health service activity…

and anything that I could finish already so that the rest of the week will just be relaxing.



Have I been able to do this consistently?

Of course not. Haha

Let’s admit it! There are days that we’re okay and there are days that we’re not in the mood to do things.

Have you ever felt like waking up in the morning and just want to stay in bed the whole day?

It happens at times.

But I don’t let that feeling rule my day and eventually, my life… if I won’t be able to control it.



Choosing between sleeping and working is like choosing between Oleia Lavender and Oleia Peppermint oils.

Both can be beneficial but it depends on my goal.

I could opt to sleep for another few minutes after the alarm goes off but it could lead me to oversleeping and break my schedule.

Same with choosing Oleia Oils.

During the working hours I allotted for myself, I could apply Oleia Lavender Oil on my pulse points but it could make me so relaxed that I could feel sleepy while working so I prefer using Oleia Peppermint for this situation.

Aside from being my favorite scent of Oleia Topical Oil, peppermint has a cool and minty effect that motivates me to move and work.


At night, my goal is to rest my body and be prepared for the next day.

I prefer sleeping, of course. 🤣

So, I don’t work until late at night like I used to when I was still in the corporate world.

Same with choosing the oils I apply on my pulse points at bed time.

A few drops of lavender prepares my mood into sleeping mode.


My goals: A restful sleep the entire night and to work productively during the day

My oils: Oleia Lavender at night and Oleia Peppermint at daytime


How about you? What Oleia Oil variants work for you?

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