Peppermint Oil : The Cool Path to Luscious Locks? 🍃🧐

Peppermint Oil : The Cool Path to Luscious Locks? 🍃🧐

Hey there! 👱‍♀️

I recently stumbled upon an amazing find. It’s the link between peppermint oil and hair growth… I know… I know… me too. 🤯 Did they mean that my beloved 🍃Oleia Peppermint Oil🍃 has ANOTHER use?? That I could’ve had scalp massages with  🍃Oleia Peppermint Oil🍃 and it’ll help me grow thick luscious hair? 😆

I found two studies that shed light on its efficacy to stimulate hair growth, one done in 2014 and one done in 2016. 🧐 Though more studies are needed, let me share what I found out when I read the two. 😮‍💨 Menthol, the active ingredient in peppermint oil, has been found to activate transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) receptors, inducing a cooling sensation on the skin.

TRPM8 receptors are channels found on sensory nerves and the vasculature that respond to cold temperatures. When activated by menthol, they stimulate a cooling sensation, which can be particularly invigorating when applied topically which that feeling is what we know and love about Peppermint in general. 💞

Researchers compared the use of peppermint oil to minoxidil, a common hair growth treatment. Remarkably, a 3 percent solution of peppermint oil had led to the growth of thick, long hair in mice, similar to the results obtained from minoxidil usage. 😲

This promising finding sparked my excitement, because we like thicker and longer hair in this house! Yes, please, sign me up! 🙋‍♀️

The vasodilatory effects of menthol, as indicated by increased skin blood flow in scientific studies, suggested that peppermint oil could enhance blood circulation to the scalp, potentially promoting hair growth.

Vasodilation refers to the widening of blood vessels, which allows for increased blood flow to a particular area. So this makes all the sense! 🤔

So those times when I have a headache and I slather my whole head (yes, including my hair) and massaged with my chosen Oleia Oil could’ve been replaced with my Peppermint variant and I get more benefits! Now I know! 😝 But I know what you’re thinking, and of course this needs further studies and I would need to do it consistently…but it is very promising. 👀

As I think on tonight where in addition to my skincare, I’ll add hair and scalp care to the mix 💆‍♀️, I revel in the knowledge of these hidden uses of our little purple bottle. The benefits and synergy of its components are truly astounding and I get to peel it layer by layer with you! 🍃  Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


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