Bed Bugs, WHAT? 😣 Tips, Tricks, and Oleia Oil Solutions! 🍃🪻

Bed Bugs, WHAT? 😣 Tips, Tricks, and Oleia Oil Solutions! 🍃🪻

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Have you heard of the recent surot (bed bug) incident in NAIA? Yeah? Me too. 🤢 If it’s the same kind that Paris had last year, that will be troublesome, huh? There were always bed bug problems but according to some news articles online it wasn’t just Paris who have (had?) THAT big a bed bug problem but it’s pretty much all over the world now, we were just sleeping on it. 😴 But widespread bed bug problem or not, what matters really is when you get bit by them. 😬


So imagine sitting in a random public chair at night, minding your own business maybe listening to music or reading a book, generally just vibing, yeah? 🎵📕Or or a hotel staycation, sleeping soundly in their plush bed covers. Then when you get home the next day or maybe several days after, you suddenly develop these welts that go on a pattern against your skin (sometimes there’s no pattern). LIKE WHAAAT 😱 and it’s so itchy and you’re so annoyed wondering where you got them. You realize they’re bed bug bites. Those same reddish-brown, wingless, flat, oval shaped bodied insects that feed on human and animal blood often times at night. 🙈


Although not considered dangerous, as they are not known to spread any sort of disease, their bites are extremely bothersome to anyone bitten but especially those who have allergies or are extremely sensitive to bed bug bites. So what do you do nowww? First off, wash your beddings and clothes in hot water, leave them out to dry when the sun’s the hottest or set your dryer to the highest setting. Your other “exposed” stuff can go in a plastic bag and into a hot car. Check your mattress at home or you couch should you have brought those nasty critters from wherever you got bitten. Vaccuum and clean around the area every day and remove clutter. If possible, move your bed away from walls or other furniture.


All done? Great! 🙌 What do you do for the angry itchy welts across your skin then? Try ✨Oleia Oil✨ on it! We know that it can help with pain and inflammation--- and what are bites? Inflamed. That’s right. Oleia also has soothing and calming ingredients which would help with that. Ice can also help with that itch so after Oleia, try icing the area instead of scratching it. What variants best for the itch? 🤔 Maybe try 🍃Oleia Peppermint Oil🍃 with its cooling feeling or 🪻Oleia Lavender Oil🪻 for it’s various healing properties (see previous post 😉). As for me, I use any Oleia variant I can get my hands on, not that this happened to me… you know... (totally did. 😑) Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


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