Scent-sational Discoveries: The Jasmine Oil Effect! ⚡💮

Scent-sational Discoveries: The Jasmine Oil Effect! ⚡💮

Hey there! 😉


I was on my laptop at home one day in the living room---unbeknownst to me--- my sister was having 💜Oleia💜 applied to her back, as it was painful, in another room. Before I knew it, a rich intoxicating aroma of sweetness and florals wafted to me invigorating my senses and lifting my mood in an instant. I quickly asked what that scent was as I don’t use it too much personally, and was told it was 💮Oleia Jasmine Oil💮.


Ah! What a lovely scent it was. I felt more alert and alive the moment the smell hit me. The best part was, my sister’s gone up to her room for more than thirty minutes already but the scent stayed with me throughout that time. Talk about longevity! 🤩


Me being me, had to hop on the research train to see if this was a normal reaction to Jasmine Oil’s scent and…it was! 🧐 So, I found this study where they looked into what happens when you give people aromatherapy massages with jasmine oil.


They got around 40 healthy volunteers to take part, and each person had jasmine oil rubbed on their abdomen. What they found was pretty cool - the folks who got the jasmine oil massage ended up breathing faster, their blood oxygen levels went up, and their blood pressure increased. 😲 Basically, their bodies seemed more awake and alert compared to those who didn't get the jasmine treatment. Plus, the people who got the jasmine massage said they felt more lively, alert, and less relaxed afterward. It's like jasmine oil gave them a little energy boost and perked them up.


So, it looks like there's something to my reaction when I smelled it too! Especially when it comes to using jasmine oil to lift the mood and shake off the blues. 🤩 This contributes valuable insights into the therapeutic potential of jasmine oil in promoting emotional well-being and mental health. Heck I experienced it in one sniff 😆


So if you ever need that middle of the day pick me up, why not try 💮Oleia Jasmine Oil💮? Applied anywhere you want, it just might be the ticket to chase away that feeling of sadness we get once in a while additional perks are it’ll help with any random pain we have too. Oh! and it also doubles as a long lasting perfume, I’ve tried it myself since that happening with my sister and has turned quite a few heads while walking about. 😂 Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


xo L



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