Ways I Use Oleia Lavender Oil

Ways I Use Oleia Lavender Oil - Oleia Oil

Lavender is often referred to as the “Queen of essential oils”.

As far as I can remember, Lavender has been my favorite.  And mind you, that was long before I heard about other essential oils. 

When one says “relaxation”, Lavender comes to my mind pronto.

My family and friends love its calming effects.  Of course, I swear by it, too. 

Then, I came across Oleia Topical Oils.

One Oleia User, who has his own essential oil formulations told me once that he hasn’t seen any formulation better than Oleia.


Since then, I haven't explored any other oils except Oleia.

I was amazed when I learned about its different organic ingredients and synergistic components.


So let me share to you how do I use Oleia Lavender Oil:


  • Sleeping Aid
  • After my bedtime shower, I apply on my arms, hands, legs and feet. It serves not only to moisturize my skin but it also conditions me to a relaxing sleep.



  • Fever Hacks
  • Oleia Oil Peppermint is recommended to help cool down body temperature especially during fever.

    However, of all days, that time my niece got sick, I didn't have Oleia Oil Peppermint at home!  I had no recourse, so I gave her a bottle of Oleia Oil Lavender instead.

    Surprise!  My cousin told me that my niece got well soon after.  And what more, she recommended Oleia Lavender to her sister-in-law when our nephew got a fever due to COVID-19. You’re right, Oleia Oil helped relieve our nephew’s fever, too.


  • Calms my mood
  • A travel-sized bottle of Oleia Oil was my constant companion when I was still working as an office employee.

    Applying Oleia oil on my pulse points and inhaling its scent greatly helped me manage my mood amidst the workplace stressors.

    Now that I’m working at home, I have it always within my reach.


  • Salt Bath Oil
  • I love experimenting on natural body remedies. Recently, I tried mixing baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil on my bath salt.

    Oh my, it felt like a ton of impurities came out of my skin.  Memories of a beach vacation came flashing in.

    Try it!  You can let me know how it feels. It’s going to be our secret, promise. 


  • Ease Pain
  • Lastly, it helps ease pain. (Oh, this should be top of the list.)

    From headache to muscle pain, Oleia Lavender is to the rescue.

    From physical pain to emotional pain, Oleia Lavender is to the rescue. It calms my emotions… it soothes my nerves… it eases pains.

    I can go on and on with the list of benefits from Oleia Lavender Oil.  

    But there are some things better left unsaid.  These things are better experienced.  

    Experience Oleia Oils.

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