Join our Advocates Program

Earn 15% Referral Commissions when your friends or followers use your personalized Coupon Code with 10% discount to buy products in our Store.

Invite your friends to become Advocates. Earn the following Advocates' commissions:

  • Level 1- 5%
  • Level 2- 5%
  • Level 3- 3%
  • Level 4- 3%
  • Level 5- 3%

For example, you invited Anna and Anna invited Becky. Becky invited Cristy, Cristy invited Donna and Donna invited Eva.

Anna becomes your Level 1 Advocate and Becky becomes your Level 2 Advocate. Cristy becomes your Level 3 Advocate, Donna your Level 4 Advocate and Eva your Level 5 Advocate.

Invite as many Level 1 Advocates as you like. For example, when you invite 4 Level 1 Advocates and everyone in your network does the same, you will have a lot of downline advocates.

Assuming each one generated a monthly sale of P1,242 (Buy2 Get1 pack less 10% Coupon discount), you would earn these potential monthly commissions:

We also pay monthly Performance Bonus based on Advocates' total network sales.

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