Oleia Review and Giveaway

Oleia Oil helps you get going.

Oleia Topical Oil is a mix of essential oils, Philippine virgin coconut oil and more synergistically formulated by a biochemist to reduce aches and allergies. Oleia Oil has a lot of benefits, from helping alleviate pain to helping relieve skin irritation, insect bites and tummy aches.

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Watch how Oleia Oil helps supermoms relieve stress-related body aches and skin irritation at home.


Here are the reviews from our satisfied customers! 

"I religiously applied Oleia Rose Oil on my face in the morning and in the evening. I noticed that my skin became so moisturized and plumped. I am so excited for the results after continued use as Rose Oil is known to be a powerful antioxidant. It seems like I am wearing perfume for hours because of its rich floral scent." -Jasmine Dizon

"I use Oleia Chamomile Oil for my kid’s insect bites and tummy ache. It is also good for skin irritation. My personal favorite is Oleia Lavender Oil. It helps me treat my insomnia and reduce mental stress. Thanks to Oleia I always have a deep sleep which is most essential of all for feeling rested and staying healthy." -Kirstie Karen

"I was super impressed with my first experience with Oleia Chamomile Oil as it really gave me fast relief. I even tried to use it on my baby when he had his vaccine reactions on both his legs and was really amazed with the result! It helped my baby’s leg muscles felt relaxed and it even made him sleep so calmly." -Mommy Kit

"Oleia Pure Oil is good moisturizer for my arms and legs, using this in tandem with peppermint and tangerine oils for the scrubs. My mom likes Oleia Frankincense as moisturizer booster for her face and neck (she has dry skin and combines this with her face cream." -Trina Ante

"After a day’s work or having those body aches from “puyat” while breastfeeding the baby, my instant treatment or reliever is Oleia Lavender Oil. I can feel more relaxed even upon waking up. I just put Oil on my nape, or sometimes ask my hubster to put on my back with matching massage. It really smells so good and I love how it soothes away those tensed muscles as well." -Calligra Momma

“Oleia Chamomile oil is soothing for my son’s insect bites and tummy aches, while the peppermint works well for hubby’s stiff neck!”- @rosey_c

“Oleia Oil Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile helped alleviate minor pains like tummy aches, muscle strain, headache and minor skin problems like mosquito bites, scars, bruises and rashes” - @tincowashere_

“I used Chamomile on my children’s insect bites and to my surprise the redness and itchiness quickly disappear”- @mommyjhoann