Good news – Awareness on mental health issues has awakened humanity to address the social stigma especially during these trying times.

Many have been confined in the four corners of the room. For some, even the bedroom which should be a place for rest and relaxation has become the work station.

Work-from-home scheme has become literally normal as “work at home” and it has become really challenging to balance the work duties and home responsibilities.

Community quarantine protocols became stricter in some places; most people could not really go out to relax and  to breathe.


Anyone feeling boxed in? Suffocating?

Wanting to explode?

Struggling to be really free?

Take a pause.

If you don’t feel this way anyhow, congratulations! Good for you;

but if you have been feeling otherwise, feeling low and exhausted, acknowledge it.

Acknowledge that feeling.  BUT DON’T wallow in it.

Let’s take a BREAK!

B-e aware

A great teacher once said, “Without awareness, no transformation”.

How can we change any of these negative feelings if we are not aware that we have been already experiencing any of these?

Now that you are reading this, would you please spare some time just to be aware of your thoughts and emotions?

Then, would you please do slow, deep abdominal breaths. Just inhale all the good things that you want and exhale all the not-so-good things you are experiencing.  Let go of any heaviness in the heart. All the baggage that weigh you down

R-ekindle your Passion

The seemingly busy schedule makes us neglect the things that we love to do.

Do you love cooking? writing poems? singing? painting? meditating? engaging in sports? or anything that makes you feel good.

This can be a good relaxation technique to fuel your mind, body and soul after a long day or tiring week.


E-at Right

What we eat has an effect on the chemical reactions that happen inside our body. Our mind and body are interconnected.

This means that our body functions (including the mental function) can also be affected by the type of foods we fork in.

Take for example fruits and vegetables. These types of food are rich in antioxidants which help our body reduce oxidative stress in the brain and the whole body.


A-ccept things

Do you have the ability to control ALL the things that happen to you?

If your answer is yes, well, congratulations! I can’t even do that. haha. 

What we can really control is our reaction, not the situation. If we take things in a lighter perspective, life would be easier.

K-eep a positive outlook


We attract what we think.

If we keep on complaining about things that we cannot control, we might be wasting our time and energy.

So, why not spend this time by focusing on the things that we want and just be grateful for the things that we have?


Life is a matter of perspective. The results we generate may have been affected by the choices that we make.

But, let’s stop on beating ourselves up.


Let’s be kind to ourselves and have a mental BREAK!

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