Gift to RememBER

Gift to RememBER - Oleia Oil

“It’s beginning to look like Christmas. Everywhere I go.”  There goes that familiar song.

As early as September 1st, the holiday season can already be felt in the Philippines.

What with the Christmas décor slowly popping out in shopping malls. In a few houses and even in workplaces. 

BER months – this is how we call the last four months for the year.

It’s a special season for love and gift-giving.

For Sarah, Christmas shopping starts in September, too.  She doesn’t want to get entangled in the holiday last minute hustle.  

She wants to make sure that every gift is personalized.  So she sets aside a certain budget.  Sincere giver, that’s her.

And her gift list goes….

Oleia Oils for her loved ones.

First on the list – her Mom and Dad; Grandpa and Mamita.

Oleia Lavender oils for Dad and Mom:  perfect for relaxation and love massage.  Good for Grandpa’s wobbly knees and Mamita’s aching back, too.

Oleia Peppermint Oil For Dad’s cycling days and for Mom’s zumba mornings.  And oh yes, Oleia Peppermint for Grandpa and Mamita’s sunny morning walk, too.

Sara wants the Oils to convey the very exact message her heart whispers.   A very sincere way to say thanks for guiding her and allowing her grow… to bloom into the beautiful soul that she has become.

It’s payback time. 

Sarah has a lot of colleagues and acquaintances, but she gives only to a few.

Thanks to Oleia Oil Tangerine. This will help uplift the mood of her friends who feel down and out.

The sedentary lifestyle of some friends makes them sick a few times. Sara knew Oleia Oil Frankincense will help boost immunity and promote their wellness.

And of course, how can she forget her favorite godchildren from the list?

Cash for the teenagers.  Presents for most.

Thanks to Oleia Oil Chamomile.  “Ninang” (godmother) feels confident that with this Oil, her younger godchildren are taken care of if she is not nearby. 

Back to face-to-face classes, the little kids may need first aid when anxiety creeps in; or when they get minor cuts, bruises, aches or rashes in the school.  Oleia Oil Chamomile will be there to provide Ninang’s comfort and relief.

Sarah has always been loving and thoughtful to her many inaanak.  A caring Ninang to them all.

Sarah will always be remembered through her kindness and generosity.

To her Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Mamita and her godchildren, she will always be a gift to RememBER.

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