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Travel Buddy - Oleia Oil

It’s been a decade of friendship for these 6 individuals who decided to go out of town for a short vacation.

Despite the rainy season and other seemingly unsurmountable blocks, they still decided to push through with the plan.

The day before their flight, Lucy prepared 3 bottles of Oleia Oil Lavender, a bottle of Oleia Oil Chamomile and 2 bottles of Oleia Oil Peppermint

It was an early morning flight and not everyone was feeling well. Henry was feeling feverish; Lucy was sluggish due to lack of sleep.  And Alexa had allergic rhinitis 2 days before the flight.

While in the airport waiting area, Lucy distributed the 20-mL bottles of Oleia Oils to her friends.

“Thanks Lucy. What is this for?”, her friends queried.

“It’s like a mini first aid kit. Whenever you feel pain or feverish, skin feels itchy or irritated or  swollen, you can apply it to the affected area,” she exclaimed.

And to Alexa, Lucy handed over a bottle of Oleia Oil Peppermint to be applied on the area between the former’s eyebrows to ease the allergic rhinitis.

Minutes later, the plane landed on the island safely.

Even though the weather forecast stated that there would be heavy rains, it was a fine, sunny day that met them on the airport. 

The first day of their stay was jam packed with laughter and joy.  Sumptuous meals, good drinks, hearty laughs, unending hilarious stories, games, dance, music… 

That night at bedtime, Lucy noticed some rashes on her back thigh and applied Oleia Oil Peppermint.

She also applied Oleia Oil Lavender on Alexa’s upper back and Oleia Oil Peppermint on the throat to help relieve her allergic cough.

The following morning, Alexa was grateful to Lucy that she was able to sleep well because of the relief that she felt after applying the Oils on her.

It was another day full of fun and excitement and they left all the problems and work-related activities behind.

They cherished that present moment being together and being themselves.

On the last day of their stay, Henry was feeling exhausted. His body hasn’t recovered yet after having a fever days before their trip.

Lucy gave him Oleia Oil Peppermint to be applied on the palms of his hand and soles of the feet.

After a few hours, he felt much better; he had to rest more to fully recover, though.

Alas, it was time to go back home.  Goodbyes. 

They found comfort in the tons of fondest memories they could all look back to.   All six friends hopefully looking forward to their next exciting trip together. 

In their 30s, they were grateful, too, for having Oleia Oil in tow, their Travel Buddy in a bottle.   

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