Joint Freedom: How Oleia Oil Set My Knees Free! 🦵🌟

Joint Freedom: How Oleia Oil Set My Knees Free! 🦵🌟

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The years of doing HIIT training everyday has caught up to my knees, not to mention an accident when Kinder hit my right knee full force with his body and had me unable to walk for a week. (He’s able to do enough damage, because he’s a smol boi as you may know 🐶) I wasn’t aware at the time that I was damaging my knee so much by going full out training every single day, my weight wasn’t helping either, I didn’t feel it----I was *sigh* younger back then. 😆 So I grapple with on and off knee pain, I was told it’s osteoarthritis, but you know..I choose not to believe it. Please let me live in my delusions. 😂


I used to have terrible knee pain that going up and down the stairs have been a ✨struggle✨. Yes, I said used to. You read it right. 💯 I started religiously applying ☀️Oleia Topical Oil☀️ any variant I can get my hands on (but peppermint has a special place in my heart. LOL), to my knees religiously every night (not religiously because I forget sometimes, in the morning) for the past year and a half.


How did it help you ask? Let’s go dive in on one of Oleia Oil’s ingredients which is the 🌈Cetylated Fatty Acids 🌈 (CFAs), but first----what is it? These are a group of naturally occurring fats of plant and/or animal origin which was proposed as a possible treatment for Musculo skeletal conditions in the 1970s. I’ll give you the scoop on one of the studies I found:  the researchers wanted to see how CFAs applied topically, would help folks dealing with knee osteoarthritis. 🧐 They roped in forty patients who had the condition, split them into two groups, and got to work. One group got the real deal, the topical CFAs while the other got a placebo. Then, they put them through the wringer—testing them at baseline, 30 minutes after using it for the first time, and then after a month of twice-daily application.


Now, here's what they found: those using topical CFAs showed some serious improvements. 🤩 They climbed stairs faster, did the "up-and-go" test with more pep in their step, and even showed better knee range of motion while lying down. Plus, their balance game got stronger, making movements like the unilateral anterior reach a breeze. And get this—the improvements were way more significant compared to the placebo group. So, bottom line? It's the real deal for folks battling knee arthritis, making everyday movements smoother and easier. (Check out the study yourself, I’ll leave the link below) 😊

So you see, THAT’S why I apply religiously during the night and when I remember during the day. 😝 Tbh, I have marked improvement on my knees since doing so. 🙌 I no longer have achy knees when using the stairs, and my general range of motion has been vastly improved compared to a year and a half ago.


So, if you're tired of wincing with every step or feeling like your knees are holding you back, it's time to give Oleia a try. Trust me, your knees will thank you. And hey, let's swap stories! Together, we can kick knee pain to the curb and embrace life with open arms. Here's to pain-free adventures ahead! 💃 💞 Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


xo L





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