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Oleia Lavender Oil Oleia Lavender Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Lavender Oil from ₱190.00
Lavender Oil helps to alleviate stress and promote a restful night's sleep, helps relieve headache, migraine and sore muscles.
Oleia Bulgarian Rose Oil Oleia Rose Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Bulgarian Rose Oil from ₱240.00
Bulgarian Rose Oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world, used by top luxury perfume brands. It helps lighten the skin. It improves skin tone and brightens the complexion. It also helps reduce blemishes, acne scars, and dark spots.
Oleia Jasmine Oil Oleia Jasmine Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Jasmine Oil from ₱240.00
Jasmine Oil is known for its uplifting and mood-enhancing properties, helps ease your mind, and nurture your emotional health.
Oleia Chamomile Oil Oleia Chamomile Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Chamomile Oil from ₱190.00
Chamomile Oil is mild and gentle, yet soothing and relaxing. Safe to use for sensitive skin, even your child's. Recommended for kids' insect bites, tummy aches, skin rash.
Oleia Tangerine Oil Oleia Tangerine Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Tangerine Oil from ₱190.00
Tangerine Oil helps lighten the appearance of melasma such as scars and stretch marks while moisturizing cracked skin. Because of its antifungal and antiseptic properties, using tangerine oil is a great way to treat acne as well as hair problems like dandruff and scalp infections. Don’t use on direct sunlight /outdoors.
Oleia Frankincense Oil Oleia Frankincense Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Frankincense Oil from ₱190.00
Frankincense Oil helps in treating acne, reducing large pores, and tightening and brightening of the skin. It also helps alleviate respiratory problems like asthma & cough.
Oleia Peppermint Oil Oleia Peppermint Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Peppermint Oil from ₱190.00
Peppermint helps alleviate mental fatigue, helps relax tense muscles, help soothe backaches, stiff neck, sprained muscles, and ease tension headaches.
Oleia Warm Mint Oil Oleia Warm Mint Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Warm Mint Oil from ₱240.00
Warm Mint is a symphony of sensations, where the warmth of ginger oil embrace you like a comforting hug, while the coolness of peppermint revitalizes your senses with a refreshing breeze. Recommended for joint and muscle pains.
Oleia Pure Oil Oleia Pure Oil - Oleia Oil
Oleia Pure Oil from ₱190.00
Oleia Pure Unscented Oil is an excellent carrier oil you can use to dilute your favorite essential oils. Oleia Pure Oil is recommended for pregnant women and those who are sensitive to essential oils.
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