Pawsitively Oleia: A Dog's Peanut Butter Passion, Hip Dysplasia Hurdles, and the Magical Oil that Saved the Day! 🐾🥜✨ #KinderApproved

Pawsitively Oleia: A Dog's Peanut Butter Passion, Hip Dysplasia Hurdles, and the Magical Oil that Saved the Day! 🐾🥜✨ #KinderApproved

Hey there! 🐕‍🦺


Have I ever told you I have a dog? No? Well… you got me started now. 😝 His name is Kinder and he’s a tiny little smol boy who absolutely adores peanut butter. The magical sound of the peanut butter jar opening will call on him like his version of the Pavlov’s bell - jar opens, and Kinder transforms into a furry, peanut butter-seeking missile, zooming through the house with boundless enthusiasm. Oh was he asleep at the time? Maybe. But…but peanut butter, is what I assume goes on inside his head. 🐶


One particularly chilly (by tropical country living standards ⛄, as Kinder is a very tropical dog) December day, upon opening the jar, I found myself missing the familiar thunder of Kinder’s paws against the floor. I opened the peanut butter jar, grabbed myself a piece of bread—and still.. nothing. My Kinder’s stayed on his spot curled up in a tiny ball and not able to move. It turns out he was grappling with the discomfort of hip dysplasia (which he was diagnosed as a puppy) and his usual boundless enthusiasm for peanut butter is put on hold. 😔


Out came my bottle of ✨Oleia Pure Oil✨, armed with a powerhouse of ingredients. Olive oil stepped in, bringing its antioxidant prowess to nourish and shield Kinder's skin. Pomegranate seed oil, the unsung hero, worked its magic with fatty acids and antioxidants. Moringa seed oil, my doggy spa in a bottle, soothed and revitalized his skin. Virgin coconut oil tackled dryness, rendering Kinder's fur softer than a cloud. And those cetylated fatty acids? They became Kinder's comfort squad, managing his discomfort with the finesse of a canine spa day. 🤩


Thanks to Oleia Pure Oil, Kinder’s quest to corner and guilt trip everyone who opens the peanut butter jar to give him some, resumed. His gait indicated comfort in walking and… bonus points, running towards the door to get chismis whenever he hears sounds from the neighbor’s house, he does that VERY easily too. 😂


As I share Kinder’s journey with hip dysplasia and general pain, I know I’m not alone in trying to find pet safe products to try and ease some of it for even just a little without using medication. In fact, a number of people already use Oleia for their own pets. According to an SWS survey last September 2023 a whopping 64% of Filipino households have pets---so to my fellow 64% we’re all in this together---navigating the quirks, joys, and even the occasional challenges that come with our furry companions. 💞 So here's to Kinder, to Oleia Oil, and to the laughter that turns cold days into warm, cozy memories. Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 🐾💋


xo L

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