A Zest in Time: Afternoon slump? I don’t know her.🍊

A Zest in Time: Afternoon slump? I don’t know her.🍊

Hey there! 🥱


As I sat on my desk at work with my tummy full from a delicious lunch, I found myself staring at the clock 🕐…and staring…and still staring---it’s not moving 😫


My motivation is buried under a pile of unfinished reports, my brain hazy, my eyes droop close but I don’t want to drink too much caffeine today.  Dear reader, what do I dooooo? As I contemplate taking a nap, drinking more coffee (which, no. can’t. 😂) or walking around the office for a bit, I had a lightbulb moment. 💡 I have something in my bag to help! I reached in and pulled out my signature purple bottle of 🍊Oleia Tangerine Oil🍊, looked about to see if my coworkers are looking 👀, and quickly dabbed a bit on my wrist and the sides of my head. I took a deep inhale and suddenly, it was as if a citrus-powered tornado had swept through my cubicle. The zesty aroma hit me like a burst of laughter, and I couldn't help but smile.


Within seconds, the tangerine magic began working its wonders, my lethargy evaporated faster than I can blink. I felt like I guzzled an entire ice-cold glass of orange juice, without the sugar and calories which my thighs would definitely thank. 😂  No sugar crash for this girl, no siree.


The smell wafted about my cubicle and the freshness of it seem to defy the drab of the office surroundings and I got a second wind to finish what I have to do. One by one my coworkers, passed by my area, did a double take and asked to have a dab of my oil as well. I was caught! My stealth from a while ago betrayed by the beautiful scent of citrus in the air. Fine, I’ll share, because I’m nice like that 😝 You get a dab of 🍊Oleia Tangerine Oil🍊! You get a dab of 🍊Oleia Tangerine Oil🍊! EVERYONE GETS A DAB OF OLEIA TANGERINE OOOOOOIIILLLLL🍊! (To quote my BFF, Oprah 😂)


As my coworkers and I powered through the rest of the day with newfound vigor 💪, I couldn’t help but marvel at the underestimated powers of tangerine oil. It’s like having a pocket-sized cheerleader, cheering me on with every whiff. 📣 I made a mental note to keep my stock of Oleia Tangerine Oil high as my bottle took a beating from all the coworkers who asked for some. 😂


Of course, being the helpful girl I always am, I gave them the link where I got it--- sure I’ll give it to you too ➡️ 🍊TANGERINE GOODNESS HERE🍊 So come and grab a bottle with us, dear reader, should you need a pick-me up—you won’t be disappointed 🙌 Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 🍊💋


xo L

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