Defying Itchy Skin, Embracing the cold tropics 🌞✨❄️

Defying Itchy Skin, Embracing the cold tropics 🌞✨❄️

Hey there! 😇


Living in our beloved Philippines 🌴, I thought I was immune to the skin-related shenanigans that winter brought others. ❄️ Little did I know, our version of chilly weather, the infamous "ber-weather," had a few tricks up its sleeve. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely rejoice when I hear the word “amihan” in the news, but it seems like my skin has its own radar when our weather shifts. I know when it’s about to rain, get cold or get hot since my scalp suddenly flakes out of nowhere, my skin becomes an abstract painting of red, dry, itchy patches. 😩 Clearly, our tropical twist on cold had a mischievous sense of humor, and my skin was its favorite punchline. 😑 Oh, and yes, me, as well as countless others, imo, have eczema. 🙈


Enter ✨Oleia✨ and I use any kind that I get my hands on 😂, my not-so-secret weapon against the ber-weather's relentless assault on my skin. Picture this: me and Kinder (for his hip pain 🐶), armed with a bottle of Oleia (pure for him), ready to face the whims of the temperamental cooling climate. As I apply the magical oil, I couldn't help but feel relief from the relentless itch and ever-expanding patch of red on my arms, leg and stomach. I also put it on my scalp when it’s particularly dry and flaky. Oleia might not come with a wizard hat or a wand, but it says “evanesco” ⚡to these persistent patches in just a couple of days. (also, yes, that’s a harry potter reference)


With Oleia by my side I boldly confront the ber-weather armed and ready. 🪄Humidity, sudden rain showers and the cold could throw their worst at me, but I stand tall, brandishing my bottle like a fearless explorer navigating the wilds of the tropics. Who knew battling skin issues with this kind of imagination be so amusing? 😂 Now, whenever the ber-weather teases with a drop in temperature, I’m ready, with damp skin, a heavy cream and ✨Oleia oil✨ on top of it all. How do you use your Oleia Oil? Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


xo L

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