Synergy Unveiled: Moringa Oil and the Careful Thought Behind Our Purple Bottle 🥰🧙‍♂️

Synergy Unveiled: Moringa Oil and the Careful Thought Behind Our Purple Bottle 🥰🧙‍♂️

Hey there! 🙋‍♀️


So here’s another ingredient highlight into our favorite purple bottle’s magic mix and today’s highlight will be in *drum roll please*----MORINGA OIL! 🙌 Yes, the same moringa (malunggay) that’s probably growing in some of your backyards right now (luckyyyy 😝) is giving us so much benefit as it’s seeds’ oil is one of the components making Oleia so special.


Here’s what I found that are the most beneficial when using moringa oil on our skin. Although these need more studies, it’s comforting to know that moringa oil showed this much promise and is looking after our skin with every use: First I found is it’s benefit in hydrating our skin. It has 40% (🤯) monounsaturated fatty acids with 70% of that being oleic acid, which according to experts support our skin barrier and seals in hydration to protect us from environmental stresses on our skin. With this content it’s also found to be effective plumping out fine lines in turn makes for a youthful look. It’s found to be a lightweight oil that mimics our skin’s natural sebum that it won’t clog our pores! Like what even is this sorcery amirite? 🧙‍♂️ We’ve been told that oils can clog our pores, but apparently not moringa oil! 😉


The oil is also rich in antioxidants like Vit C and Vit E that it helps even out our skin and give it a more even glow. (Note that it doesn’t affect the melanin production in our skin, okay? 😝 you would need something else for that. LOL)


Second I found, is like coconut oil, it also has antimicrobial properties which help heal minor cuts and scrapes. It’s anti-inflammatory properties had been studied as well and would benefit for more research done but lemme tell you--- they’re amazing to read--- but I would share them with you next time when more studies corroborate the findings—(you know because we want to be responsible like that 🧐😂).


Lastly, it’s a great carrier oil because of it’s long shelf life, so that’s why Oleia works so well! 😝


So there you have it folks some of why the moringa oil in Oleia is so helpful to us everyday users. It’s because our beloved purple bottle is packed with a lot of these ingredients that create a synergy that protect, moisturize and heals while smelling oh so good that we don’t need to use perfume, makes you realize how thoughtful the whole process of formulating Oleia was---oh what an absolute win! 🥰 Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 💋


xo L




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