Itchy, Dry Baby Skin?

Itchy, Dry Baby Skin? - Oleia Oil
Momshies, if you have a baby cutie, you want to keep your little ones’ skin smooth and flawless.  In fact, it gets so frustrating when you see signs of skin irritation, redness, or rashes.  Worse, when there is flareup and it gets itchy, (or so it seems), your little one whines or screams. 

The babies' skin is so sensitive and fragile. Soaps, baby wash, fabrics, or anything that touches the skin may cause irritation anytime. 


Insect bites, flower pollens, and humidity changes may also trigger some allergies.  


Great to consult with the pediatrician.  However, if home or work situation hinders immediate clinic visit,  there are “first aid”  home remedies Momshies can treat the symptoms.


Here are some:
  • Bathe your baby in cool or lukewarm water and a mild soap. Very warm water, soaps and shampoos all contribute to dry skin and make itching worse. Adding colloidal oatmeal to the bathwater may also help.
  • Pat the skin dry. Rubbing your baby’s skin with a towel can increase irritation, dryness and itching.
  • Apply moisturizing lotion for babies after bath, upon waking up in the morning and before bed at night. Babies with very dry skin or eczema may benefit from an oil-based ointment more than from a water-based moisturizer.
  • Dress your baby in breathable, lightweight, smooth fabrics such as cotton or silk. Avoid wool and other scratchy fabrics, as these can significantly increase itching.
  • Keep your baby cool and avoid rapid temperature changes. Placing cool compresses or chilled, damp washcloths directly onto itchy areas may also help.
  • Cut your baby’s fingernails to prevent skin irritation and damage associated with scratching.
  • Apply small amount of Oleia Chamomile Oil  around the affected area. It helps remove the symptoms of itchiness, redness and swelling, fast. Oleia Oil deeply penetrates the skin and helps control rash and skin irritation. For babies with super sensitive skin, use Oleia Pure Oil.

Observe your baby’s skin every now and then. If home treatment of irritated skin is unsuccessful, consult your pediatrician about an allergy evaluation for your baby.


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