Ready for Face-to-Face Classes!

Ready for Face-to-Face Classes! - Oleia Oil

In a few weeks, school will open – start of face-to-face classes.

Despite Avery’s anxieties, her son Mark, going grade 5, anticipates face-to-face interaction with his classmates.  To him, it is going to be fun mingling with school friends. 

It has been a weeklong of stress for Avery - school visits, preparing uniforms, arranging transports and the list goes on.

That weekend, Avery and her husband Sam decided to stay home and spend time with Mark.

It was “No Gadget Rule” the entire time.

Board games, songs, dance, music, laughter. They had fun conversations and feasted on the hearty and healthy meals they enjoyed together.

A well-spent weekend bonding, indeed.

However, on Sunday night, Avery felt feverish.

She couldn’t afford to get sick, Avery thought.  There were lots of things more to do for Mark.  

She’s not really into taking medications and prefers the natural way.

Good thing that they have different variants of Oleia Topical Oils available at home.

She applied Oleia Oil Frankincense on her head, throat, chest and upper back areas, as well as on her upper and lower limbs.

She slept early to let her body rest and recharge for the next day.

And then, it was Monday morning!

Avery woke up feeling great! No more chills or any heaviness on her body.

She started preparing for the day.

Sam woke up feeling recharged from last weekend’s family time.

He started doing his morning exercise when suddenly his upper back hurt. 

He had muscle cramps and immediately called her wife.

Smilingly, Avery put some Oleia Oil Peppermint Oil on the affected area and massaged it lightly.

After some time, the pain subsided; and Avery went back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


Avery remains grateful to Oleia Topical Oils for helping her take care of her family.

She feels confident knowing that Oleia Oil is bio-available and can easily penetrate the skin to deliver anti-inflammatory nutrients to sore muscles and tissues, causing faster cell regeneration.

She is assured that apart from the potent calming capabilities, Oleia Oil does not contain harsh or harmful ingredients.

This makes Oleia safe even for children, Mark included.

That is why Avery intends to always send Mark to school with a travel-size Oleia Chamomile Oil (especially when he goes to his face-to-face classes).

Mark can just use it when he experiences pain, itchiness, dizziness or any discomfort outside home.

This helps Avery worry less.  She knows Oleia cares… for her and the entire family.

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