Healing Hands: The Angel Behind Oleia Oil 😇🥼

Healing Hands: The Angel Behind Oleia Oil 😇🥼

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Let me take you behind the scenes of Oleia Oil products, where passion, dedication, and a quest for safer alternatives intertwine.


If you’ve been a fan of Oleia products for a while (like moi 🙋‍♀️) and have read their story on their website, you would be aware of this, but for those who stumbled upon this article by chance, let me tell you the story instead...


This is the story of Angel the wife, the mother, the biochemist---who her friends call, Oleia Ann.


Angel’s father was diagnosed with aplastic anemia or bone marrow failure, a rare yet severe blood disorder 🩸 that manifests when the bone marrow fails to produce a sufficient amount of new blood cells, disrupting normal bodily functions. But how did he get it? His doctor said from toxic chemicals---he was a government employee---no exposure to toxic chemical whatsoever…so how? 🤔


Angel remembers her father’s reliance on a 🟢green liniment🟢 he slathers all over his body everyday for his aches and pains. As she is a biochemist, she delved deep into research and discovered something shocking…that green liniment, with excessive use, is fatal. 🫢Surprised? Yeah. Me too.


Methyl Salicylate (and Camphor, but we'll talk about that another time), one of the components of popular topical analgesic brands that we see today, although safe---if used as directed in the packaging or by a healthcare professional---unintentional misuse of this has led to numerous cases of salicylate toxicities and/or poisoning. 🙈 Especially to kids who accidentally ingest them or to our elderly with other medical illnesses who use them topically everyday. 👶👴👵 And to be perfectly honest with you, as a regular person, I never even knew there was a limit on how much to use these kinds of products. I just thought I could slather it everywhere multiple times as I liked the cooling sensation and smell of it, relieves my pains too---BUT these products were never meant to be smeared all over the body especially everyday for years. 😕 One doctor even mentioned that it shouldn’t be slathered over more than 40% of your skin at a time. 🤯


Take this case reported by Bell and Duggin: a 40-year-old man ended up seriously sick after getting some treatment for psoriasis from an unregistered naturopath. The cream they used had methyl salicylate in it, and because the guy had psoriasis, his skin was more absorbent, making matters worse. His salicylate levels shot through the roof, the poor guy showed signs of metabolic acidosis on top of respiratory alkalosis, all pointing to salicylate poisoning. 🙈


And get this, there's even a heartbreaking story about a 17-year-old cross-country runner 🏃‍♀️ who passed away after using too much of a muscle pain relief cream with methyl salicylate. It's a grim reminder that even seemingly harmless products can have serious consequences if not used properly. I mentioned kids who accidentally ingest them right? Data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers Toxic Exposure Surveillance System reveals that a whopping 77% of methyl salicylate poisoning cases involve kids under 6 years old. 🫢 It's a stark reminder that we all need to be extra cautious, especially when it comes to stuff lying around the house that might look tempting to little ones. Or better yet, look into Oleia Oil, a product that emerged from the loss due to this very side effect that methyl salicylate brought.


Now back to Angel’s story, she delved into research, driven by a desire to spare her family and others from similar tragedies. 🧪 Hours turned into days, days into months, as she meticulously analyzed oils, searching for the perfect blend that would offer relief without compromise, relief without the side effects. 🔬


The birth of Oleia Oil wasn't just a scientific breakthrough; it was a testament to love, loss, and the unwavering commitment to protecting those she holds dear. From its inception, Oleia Oil proved its efficacy, offering relief from skin irritations to muscle and joint pains, all while prioritizing health and well-being. 😌


Angel’s journey didn't end with the creation of Oleia Oil; it marked the beginning of a mission to share this gift with the Philippines and the world. Through trials and tribulations, Oleia Oil stood as a beacon of hope, transforming lives and rewriting the narrative of pain management. 🕊️


Today, Angel stands proud, knowing that her father's legacy lives on through Oleia Oil, offering a safer, healthier alternative for generations to come. It's not just about business for Oleia; it's about making a difference, one bottle at a time. And it’s through her and her family’s efforts that we get a range of products that we can use for pain relief everyday knowing that each drop carries with it a story of resilience, hope, and healing is icing on an already beautiful cake. 🎂


Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 👋


xo L


👀: https://oleiaoil.com/pages/oleia-story






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