Oleia Oil Softgel 30 Caps
Oleia Oil Softgel 30 Caps ₱990.00
Oleia Softgels contain Monounsaturated fats. If you are eating too much pro-inflammatory foods like processed meats, fried foods & other trans fats, stay on the "prevent-illness" mode. Take Oleia Softgel everyday. Oleia Oil softgel capsules are made with cetylated fatty acids, extra virgin olive oil, and moringa seed oil. Omega-5 from cetylated fatty acids and Omega-9 from olive oil and moringa seed oil help strengthen cellular membrane which acts as cell protector to keep toxic substances out. Since cell membranes are mostly made of lipids or fats, feeding the body with good fats such as Omega-5 and 9 helps strengthen the cell membrane. Direction for Use Take 1-2 Softgels a day as food supplement, after meals. Do not take coffee, tea, citrus drinks or eat orange,citrus fruits 4 hours before or after taking Oleia Softgel as they may interfere with its efficacy and potency. Those who drink alcohol or smoke usually do not get satisfactory results.