Pain-Free Living with Oleia: My Tips and Tricks 🌟😉

Pain-Free Living with Oleia: My Tips and Tricks 🌟😉

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I use Oleia for different types of pain, so I thought I’d share my go-to application methods and tips with you. First off, let’s talk about why Oleia is so great. It’s packed with omega oils and other essential oils that work wonders for reducing inflammation and easing pain. 🤩 But how you apply it can really enhance its effectiveness. Here’s how I use Oleia to keep pain at bay and stay on top of my game. 💪


General Muscle Soreness


When it comes to general muscle, I’ve found that a good massage with Oleia is unbeatable. So my first tip is 💯: bring it to your massage appointment and have your masseuse use it. 💆‍♀️ But if you’re staying at home, I got you too! Start by warming a small amount of oil between your hands. Then, gently massage it into the sore area using circular motions. 💫 This not only helps the oil penetrate deeper but also promotes blood flow to the muscles. I like to do this whenever I work out or after a long day to relax my muscles and speed up recovery.


Immobile Joints


For joints, like in the knees (🙋‍♀️) or elbows, I use a slightly different technique. Apply Oleia directly to the joint and then wrap it with a warm towel for about 10-15 minutes. The heat helps the oil absorb more effectively and provides additional relief. This method is fantastic for those colder days when joint pain seems to flare up more. Not now, it’s kinda already🔥in the PH. 😆


Stiff Back


Back stiffness can be a real drag, and I DIDN’T HAVE IT UNTIL A YEAR AGO 😩, but good news for me (and you): Oleia can help here too. For back pain, I recommend a two-step process. First, apply Oleia (or have someone apply it 😆 promise your anak or kapatid some 💵 after perhaps? 🤣 spouse should do it free! LOL) and massage it in using firm, long strokes along the spine and across the shoulders. Then, use a foam roller or a massage ball to work out any deep knots or tension spots. If you have a massage gun, go in with that after you’ve already warmed the area with the oil. This combo has been a lifesaver for me, especially after sitting at my desk all day.




I deal with this A LOT ❗, almost every day, so try applying Oleia to your temples and the back of your neck. Use gentle, circular motions and take deep breaths as you massage it in. This can help ease tension and reduce headache pain. 😌 Sometimes I use a LOT of oil, covering my hair, forehead, and neck, and let it sit; the pain disappears in minutes. A hot bath after, with the steam, helps the oils work their magic, and it’s a super relaxing way to end the day.


Frequency of Use


How often should you use Oleia? Well, that depends on the severity and how your body responds. For chronic cases, I try to apply it twice a day—once in the morning and once before bed. For acute ones, like after a workout or a long hike, I use it as needed. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.


Combining with Other Natural Remedies


Oleia works great on its own, but it can be even more effective when combined with other natural remedies or supplements. For example, drinking turmeric tea (if you’re not taking any other blood-thinners) daily for its anti-inflammatory properties can complement Oleia’s benefits.


Other Tips:


Always apply Oleia to clean, dry skin for the best absorption. (Unless you’re using it as skincare; then, totally do that on damp skin! 😉)

Experiment with different application techniques to find what works best for you.

Keep a bottle in your gym bag, at your desk, and on your nightstand so it’s always within reach when you need it.


Integrating Oleia into your daily routine can make a huge difference in managing pain naturally. It’s all about finding what works best for you and making it a regular part of your self-care rituals.

So, give these tips a try and let me know how they work for you. Until next time, stay pain-free and I’ll see you around! 😁 Show me your bottle and I’ll show you mine? ‘Til next time! 🌟


xo, L

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