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Oleia essential oils are a ready-to-use essential oils which are blended in virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, olive oil, moringa seed oil, and cetylated fatty acids from other plant-based oils.

The Oleia topical oils you can purchase in the Philippines are specially formulated by a biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues, which allows faster regeneration of injured or irritated

Let Oleia Help You

Oleia topical oil is ideal for massages as the essential oil easily penetrates the layers of the skin to deliver anti-inflammatory nutrients to sore muscles and tissues.

Experience Wellness with Oleia

Oleia oil is a natural and bio-available topical oil in the Philippines. It readily penetrates the skin to deliver anti-inflammatory nutrients to sore muscles and tissues, allowing faster cell regeneration.

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Safe for Children

Oleia Topical Oil does not contain harsh ingredients like methyl salicylate, camphor and mineral oil.

A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Oil is dermal-safe, does not have irritant potential and works just like a normal saline solution.

For children, use Oleia Oil Chamomile or Oleia Pure Oil.

Joint Lubricant

Oleia Oil acts like a joint lubricant, helping the joints and muscles to glide smoothly, thereby improving workout and sports performance.

Recommended variant for work-out or sports activity:Oleia Peppermint Oil.

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