Get Moving with Oleia Oil Softgel Capsules

 Our Oleia Oil softgel capsules are made with cetylated myristoleic acid, extra virgin olive oil, and the powerful moringa seed oil.

Benefits of Oleia Oil Softgel Capsules

Healing Capabilities

Oleia Softgels, together with Oleia essential oils, have been shown to help reduce inflammation in a variety of different conditions. This makes it an excellent adjunct therapy to help treat autoimmune diseases. Certain oils for scars also help by targeting scar tissues and lightening it.

Strengthens Cell Membranes

The Omega-5 and 9 fatty acids in Oleia Softgels help strengthen the cellular membrane, which acts as a cell protector by keeping toxic substances out. Since most cells are made up of lipids or fats, feeding on good sources such as these will help build up your own personal protective layer.


Like the Oleia Chamomile Oil, Oleia Softgels can help those with depression. Inflammation is one of the key players in depression. Patients with inflammatory diseases are more likely to be depressed, and even people who don't have any medical illness can be affected by inflammation as well!